HitHoo PD Rating 100%


The HitHoo - PD Rating 100% application estimates the present value of California workers' compensation PTD (100% PD) benefits, for injuries on/after 01/01/2003 which are subject to the annual cost of living adjustment to the PTD benefit. [See Labor Code Section 4659(c)]

You will be asked to input the applicant's date of birth, commutation date, start date of PTD benefits, PTD weekly benefit rate and estimated future COLA percentage rate.

The app estimates the overall total PTD benefit by calculating both the accrued PTD (from start date to commutation date) using established COLA rates since 2004 and the present value of future PTD benefits assuming an annual COLA increase percentage selected by the user.

When calculating the present value of future benefits, and depending on whether a COLA adjustment rate has been published for the upcoming year following the commutation date, the app will attempt to use the new published rate (if known) and then switch to the estimated percentage input by the user for all subsequent years.

NOTE: Results are an estimate, they are not to be used as legal advice.


Screenshot: PD Rating 100% - California Screenshot: PD Rating 100% - California